Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Silverstone Circuit Launch - 29th April 2010

Well some 6 months or so after work on site started an F1 car, albeit a couple of years old, and two production bikes have taken to the circuit. The car driven by one of my F1 heros, David Coulthard, and the bikes by Father and Son duo, Ron and Leon Haslam. I didn't have the chance to chat to DC but could I say Ron and Leon are so approachable and chatty and full of positive comments about the circuit. No they didn't know I had designed it, when they did though, well Leon invited me for a pillion ride, urmmmm Well he is leading the World Superbike Championship so maybe.

Here are some pics that I took, there are some better ones on the Silverstone photo stream on Flickr but hey...